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Voicemail Software

Talking Technology's BigmOuth and PowerVoice voicemail software and auto dialer provides answering services for multiple users. Personalized mailboxes can be setup for each member of a company or organization. Talking Technology's voicemail software records messages from outside callers and appropriately routes them. The system is designed to handle communications around the clock, a necessity for organizations communicating across time zones and involved with international commerce.

Voicemail Software Products

Talking Technology's products functions with proprietary hardware, Talking Technology's Powerline I (PLI) and Powerline IV (PLIV) cards. This software can function as an interactive voice response (IVR) system, automated attendant, and/or an inbound or outbound auto dialer system. BigmOuth is the single line voicemail package, PowerVoice the multiple line package. Both BigmOuth and PowerVoice include complete voicemail systems with all necessary functionality.

Voicemail Software Call Processing Structure:

Voice Mail @ Call Processing Structure
BigmOuth Software Call Processing Structure

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