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VOIP Seminars in Europe, UAE, UK and Africa!
PowerVoice Runs Multiple Applications!
PowerVoice and PhoneTree NOW running on XP
24 & 48 Port Analog & Digital(T1) systems now shipping!
PowerVoice for Win 2000 Now Here!
Secure Ordering NOW Available
Software Upgrades
PSC Releases NEW PV4 Card
Europe Supports PSC Hardware With CE Approval

VOIP Architectures and Processes Seminars in Europe, UAE, UK and Africa!


  • Understand the role of each component of the network.
  • Understand the transmission process of a voice signal over an IP network.
  • Discuss the challenges related to the convergence of voice and data networks.
  • Identify critical issues to consider in the planning stages of the implementation of a VoIP network.
  • Understand how to use a data packet network to provide wide area voice

    This course is valuable for anyone interested in the migration of voice traffic to new or existing data networks : Project managers, technical sales, customer configuration analysts, help desk technicians (level 1), technical staff (level 1), IP network and VPN providers, telco companies, hardware and infrastructure manufacturers, IT professionals, consultants.

    The participant should have a basic understanding of IP networks.

    This course uses a more innovative approach than traditional training through the use of simulation. Following instruction of the basic concepts and fundamentals, participants are then asked to role play the various components of an IP phone network and to carry out the steps of a voice call over an IP network. Through observations, immediate feedback and group discussions, participants will have mastered course content and objectives.

    London, UK

    October 26th and 27th

    Bristol, UK

    November 1st and 2nd

    Dubai, UAE

    November 6th and 7th

    Kuwait, UAE

    November 8th and 9th

    Nice, France

    November 14th and 15th

    Oslo, Norway

    November 15th and 16th

    Dublin, Ireland

    November 22nd and 23rd

    Birmingham/Manchester UK

    November 27th and 28th

    Warsaw, Poland

    December 4th and 5th

    Johannesburg, South Africa

    December 11th and 12th

    Nice, France

    December 12th and 13th

    For additional information contact:

    Tony Armitage | EMEA Director
    Phone +33 442 91 31 85 | Fax +33 442 27 24 66 | Mobile +33 618 954 003
    tony.armitage@argilon.com | Skype tony armitage

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PowerVoice Now Runs Multiple Applications

Talking Technology's PowerVoice product runs multiple applications. This feature provides the capability for PowerVoice users to run a unique outbound application on each line of their PowerVoice system.

Call centers can utilize this function for operating different applications for each of their clients. Those using the system for emergency notification can operate different applications for various needs simultaneously. Telemarketers can now more easily test market their campaigns. Contact the sales department for additional information on this valuable addition to the PowerVoice platform.

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PowerVoice and PhoneTree Products NOW running on Microsoft Windows XP

Talking Technology's PowerVoice and PhoneTree products have been certified to run on Windows XP Standard and Professional versions. Also, upon request, PSC will install Windows XP on new PowerVoice turnkey systems. Our turnkey systems are custom-built to order and can easily be modified to our customers' needs. For more information on PowerVoice, PhoneTree or compatibility with the new Microsoft XP operating system, contact TTI's sales department.

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Talking Technology is now shipping PowerVoice high density 24, 48 and 96 port (4 T1) turnkey systems that operate with both analog and digital (T1) lines. The systems are competitively priced and are fully backed by Talking Technology's warranties. Systems are sold ready to go and there are NO maintenance fees of any kind. Systems include PowerVoice Windows 2000 software, telephony hardware, and a fully-fitted Intel Pentium III computer running at 1.1 GHz (monitor ready). All systems are built to order and can easily be modified to our customers' needs. For more information on our high density systems, contact Talking Technology's sales department.

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PowerVoice, our Windows XP and 2000 Professional Auto Dialer, Lead Generation and Voice Mail Package is now shipping. The PowerVoice package is available in ISA and PCI versions with a brand new Windows GUI. In just two short months PowerVoice has become PSC's top selling call processing package. A special program has been initiated to upgrade customers with DOS-based systems purchased from

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You can now order your TTI's products on our secure server. Click on 'Buy Now' from the bottom of any screen for security when you place your orders.

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Software upgrades are available for BigmOuth and Goldmine. Upgrade Pricing is as follows:

BigmOuth (version 3.2000b): $69.00
Goldmine (version 3.2000c): $89.00

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The NEW and IMPROVED PowerVoice telephony card (PV4) functions in conjunction with IBM compatible Pentium computers operating at over 200 MHz under Microsoft Windows XP and 2000.
The highly sophisticated Line Interface Unit (LIU) in the PV4 offers exceptional signal clarity and trans-hybrid rejection and excellent answering machine detection.

The PV4 supports multiple line and multiple board recording and playback and performs sophisticated signal processing, specializing in the recognition of call progress and pulse-dial signals. PLIV has a standard PCI interface that utilizes dual-ported memory and input/output (I/O) ports.

PowerVoice 4 Features:

  • Four ports per board, up to 94 ports per system
  • State-of-the-art answering machine detection
  • Embedded high-performance general purpose processor and digital signal processor (DSP)
  • Digital speech recording and playback
  • memory buffers
  • Touch-tone and pulse recognition and transmission
  • High quality mu-Law compressed speech
  • Automatic real-time call progress monitoring
  • Loop-Start line protocols
  • Standard RJ-14 telephone interface


  • Alarm Systems
  • Automated Phone Tree Dialing
  • Lead Generation Systems
  • Automated Call Distribution
  • Automated Call Transfer
  • Telemarketing
  • Auto Dialer
  • Voice Information Systems
  • Sales and Transaction Processing
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Voice Mail


PowerVoice 4 requires an IBM compatible Pentium system operating at 200 MHz, 64 Megabytes of RAM, Windows XP or 2000 Professional and PowerVoice Call Center software.

Call Progress & Line Monitoring:

PowerVoice 4 monitors and analyzes tone, amplitude, frequency and cadence to sensitivities as low as -45 dBm, being able to discriminate frequencies to within a few Hertz. The PowerVoice 4 expertly detects line status, loop current interrupts, wink pulses and loop current reversals.

Speech Compression:

The PowerVoice 4 meets industry standard mu-law companding. Recordings can be made easily with a standard sound blaster card.

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Europe Supports TTI Hardware With
CE Approvals !

CE Emblem Oakland, CA : Talking Technology International, Inc. (TTI) is pleased to announce that the PowerVoice 4 computer telephony card has been fully CE-approved.

TTI has opened the door for Dealers, Developers, Systems Integrators and OEMs by providing a CE-approved four-port voice processing platform.

TTI has recently added the PowerVoice 4 to its line of cutting edge telephony products. PSC hardware has been approved by some of the world's most discriminating PTT's, including those in Germany, Switzerland, China, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Finland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Argentina, Brazil, Canada!

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