BigmOuth Voice Mail and Call Prosessing system

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The BigmOuth package

BigmOuth Voice Mail
& Auto Dialer System

Bigmouth - designed by Talking Technology - is a complete voice mail and phone tree auto dialer package. This award winning software application generator and single-line hardware card is designed for easy creation of voice mail, automatic call transfer (Automated Attendant), interactive voice response and auto dialer applications. The Bigmouth application generator includes resources for message notification, paging and remote access.

With Bigmouth - developers, VARs and end-users can easily create message retrieval systems for inside users and outside callers, providing both with the opportunity of sending and retrieving messages.

BigmOuth acts as an auto dialer for groups, clubs, churches and schools. BigmOuth can dial a list of up to 300 members and leave a message.

The Goldmine Telemarketing Module, an add-on module for Bigmouth, enables BigmOuth to dial groups of unlimited length. It also allows importation of phone numbers from external files and databases, and includes routines for random dialing from within a prefix.

With support of up to 300 mailboxes, BigmOuth Voicemail Software is the perfect solution for small business users, groups within larger businesses and organizations that need their members contacted by phone for information updates.

Currently, more than 180,000 Bigmouth packages operate in over 100 countries - making Bigmouth one of the world's most widely used call processing systems. Bigmouth has won numerous awards, including the PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award.

BigmOuth Voice Mail Features

  • Password Protection -- Bigmouth provides security and privacy for your voice mail box through the use of passwords. A voicemail box owner can alter their password at any time.
  • Personal Messages -- Bigmouth allows outside individuals temporary access to the voicemail system.
  • Voice Customization -- Bigmouth allows mailbox users to easily change their greeting messages.
  • Message Forwarding -- This capability allows Bigmouth to deliver messages to another phone or pager (including a cellular phone).
  • Remote Access -- Bigmouth provides users with complete system access. Messages can be retrieved any time from any touch-tone telephone. Through easy-to-use voice menus, passwords, greetings, timed messages and mailboxes can be remotely created or changed.
  • Expansion Capabilities -- BigmOuth allows you to quickly expand the number of mailboxes to suit your needs.
  • ALARM Notification-- BigmOuth has a built-in alarm jack. When the alarm jack is tripped, BigmOuth will automatically call 3 phone number with a notification message. Great for alarm notification and home security!
  • Dialer Execution and Group Notification -- BigmOuth automatically handles your dialing and disperses information to groups of all types.

You can download a short version of the BigmOuth manual by clicking on the link directly below:

Click Here to download BigmOuth Manual


  • An IBM compatible 286, 386, 486 or Pentium system with one free ISA slot
  • 2 megabytes of free hard drive space for program
  • 14.3 megabytes of hard drive space for each hour of recorded messages
  • One Powerline I Card (included with the BigmOuth package)
  • MS-DOS version 5.0 or later, Windows 95 & 98 restarted in MS-DOS mode.

Optional module:

The COMPLETE Bigmouth package includes the award winning Talking Technology Bigmouth software, easy to install hardware card, speaker monitor and complete documentation.

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