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Powerline I Computer Telephony Card

POWERLINE I Telephony Card

The Powerline I (PLI) call processing hardware is a single line, analog loop-start ISA board, one line per board. The PLI plugs into a standard ISA slot in an IBM compatible 286, 386, 486 or Pentium computer. The PLI is most widely used with the BigmOuth application generator, though thousands of developers have created their own applications with the BigmOuth Programmer's Toolkit.

Also, Goldmine, the outbound dialing and telemarketing package, was specifically designed to operate with the PLI card.

Powerline I Features:

  • One port per card
  • 7.95 Khz audio sampling rate
  • Touch-tone (DTMF) decoding and transmission
  • Amplified speaker output - 8 ohm
  • Audio input from line, local telephone or microphone
  • Playback output to line, local phone or speaker
  • Standard RJ-11 phone jack interface
  • Volume controlled speaker
  • TTL level ALARM input
  • Extremely Low Cost


  • Automated Call Transfer
  • Voicemail System
  • Telemarketing Applications
  • Alarm Notification system
  • Intelligent Auto-dialer
  • Sophisticated Call Processing Applications


The PLI requires an IBM compatible 286, 386, 486 or Pentium PC in conjunction with the BigmOuth, Goldmine or Development software.

Optional developer's kit:

Programmers who want to develop their own application software with the Powerline I card can use the optional Programmer's Toolkit.

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