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Here is a partial list of our overseas consultants, software developers and resellers. If you are a Talking Technology partner and want your name added to this list - please contact:


Krisjagarna AB -Sweden

Krisjagarna AB does telephony consulting in Sweden. They focus on specialized telephony applications rather than typical voice mail and PBX implementations. Their areas of focus include flight booking, information and reporting, weather data, general information, time management, emergency notification and security systems. Recently, they developed an application in conjunction with the Swedish Maritime Administration that enables shipping personnel to call in to stations at various points along the Swedish coast to receive information on wind, water levels and sea conditions.

Their best known application is a flight club booking system, which is used by the majority of flying clubs in Scandinavia as well as clubs in other parts of the world. This system handles routine and standby bookings, creates detailed reports on booking status and generates schedules for engine heaters. Call them for a demo.

Email to bo.jacobsson@krisjagarna-ab.se.

Harts System, Ltd. - Vancouver,BC, Canada

Harts System's primary development is the "Windsor School Administration System" which features the BigmOuth hardware for "Call-in" and "Call-out" functions. "Call-in" allows parents or students to contact schools and listen to messages which teachers have recorded using Windsor and BigmOuth technology. Windsor organizes and coordinates the recorded messages so that a teacher simply records a message once, which will be played back for each student in their class. "Call-out" is used by schools to "broadcast" announcement by telephone to any parent in their school database. Integrated with the Windsor Attendance and Discipline tracking systems, "Call-out" is a powerful "reminder" system, which has been proven to improve student attendance effectively. Harts System can be reached by phone (888) 734-1119 or by fax (800) 668-0522. For more information check their web site or send Email to cmilner@harts.com.

(A.S.C.A.) Asesoria y Servicios de Computacion Aplicada Es una empresa que se dedica a la consultoria en sistemas administrativos y de internet, asi como la utilizacion de sistemas de telefonia computacional a traves del uso de tarjetas Powerline IV y software Power voice para generacion de sistemas de audiotexto , buzon de voz, operadora electronica, llamadas predictivas, generacion de citas automatizadas

Mas informacion por
email : asca@mv.net.mx
direccion : Av. Mineros 1360-5
Col. Industrial
Mexicali, Baja California MEXICO 21010
Telefonos: (65) 54-83-59 y (65) 54-83-60
Fax: (65) 54-83-26

(A.S.C.A.) Asesoria y Servicios de Computacion Aplicada

Company dedicated to information systems consulting to support solutions using administrative systems and Internet systems. Besides the utilization of computer telephony with Powerline IV cards and Power Voice Software in applications like Voice Mail, Audiotex, Automatic telephone attendant, date systems, Electoral voting Systems and information about the elections in Baja California - State in Mexico.

For more information please contact us at
email : asca@mv.net.mx
address : Av. Mineros 1360-5
Col. Industrial
Mexicali, Baja California MEXICO 21010
Phones: (65) 54-83-59 y (65) 54-83-60
Fax: (65) 54-83-26

NEWAY Tecnologia & Assessoria Ltda.

NEWAY Tecnologia & Assessoria Ltda. designs and markets computer telephony integration systems. Starting from the most known like Voicemail Systems, Automated Attendants, Telemarketing Digital Audio-Recorders, Digital On-Hold Messaging, etc... and specially designed systems to match your needs.

Contact us at: http://www.neway.com.br (Portuguese) or by email email@neway.com.br

Neway Tecnologia & Assessoria
Tel/Fax: +55-21-516-5040
Web: http://www.neway.com.br

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