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Telemarketing Leads & Telemarketing Lists

Current Telemarketing leads and telemarketing lists from TTI enhance your lead generation capabilities. Our top quality leads help you generate more business with less work - and they are affordable and reliable. Our data is updated to ensure accuracy and much of our data can be filtered through do-not-call lists in all states for which lists exist.

Our local phone company sources provide and cost effective data to improve productivity and increase profits.

Geographic Telemarketing Leads and Lists

Easily locate the business and consumer prospects that you want to contact with our powerful geographic search capabilities. With a list of Geographic telemarketing leads, you can target specific areas that you feel could use your product or service, and you can pinpoint potential and existing customers by city, state, zip code, address, phone number, business codes even by how close they are to your business.

We provide leads for individuals and businesses of all size, whether your telemarketing list is 10 thousand or 10 million. Let us know what your requirements are and we will assist you in developing a marketing program to meet your specifically needs. Call us at 510-339-8275 or Email us by clicking on one of the links below. Let us know about your business and how you anticipate growing your sales.

Area Codes (US & Canadian)

Telemarketing Leads and Lists by State

Kick off your marketing campaign with telemarketing leads and lists from business and residential addresses and phone numbers from an entire state. This is the most cost effective way of reaching the greatest number of people. Data is kept current and is updated regularly. Accurate and cost-effective data for entire states starting at $239.00, for residential or business listing - or get both residential or businesses for any state for only $395.00.

Business Leads and Mailing Lists by Business Type and Yellow Page Codes

Target your specific market by data categorized by business type, Yellow Page code or both. All records include business name, Yellow Page code, business type, address, zip code and telephone number.

You can aim your marketing campaigns on a state-by-state or national basis. Or you can limit them to specific area codes or cities. Get all the health food stores in your town or get a list of hospitals across the country. You can even get complete business listings for all the businesses in your home state. Just contact our sales department for a list taylored for your business.


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All Telemarketing Data is nonrefundable.

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