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Dialogic DM/V1200BTEP


The Dialogic DM/V1200BTEP ( DMV1200BTEP )combined media board provides a true universal port solution with a robust media feature set, including voice processing, speech recognition, fax, and conferencing capabilities, combined with an extensive suite of network protocols in a single PC slot. These boards build upon the features of the current media span boards (DM/V480A-2T1, DM/V600A-2E1, DM/V960A-4T1, and DM/V1200A-4E1) by adding software-selectable T-1/E-1 digital network interfaces and the ability to mix select protocols, just to name a few. Also available on select media loads is enhanced echo cancellation (EEC) which offers the ability to select longer echo cancellation tail lengths of 32 ms and 64 ms beyond the normal 16 ms to further improve and refine the audio quality.

Dialogic DM/V1200BTEP Front

DMV1200BTEP Features and Benefits:

  • Software selectable trunks to configure the board to be either T-1 or E-1
  • Provides the ability to mix select protocols on each span
  • New universal media loads offer mixed media resources including voice, fax, and conferencing
  • Built on the industry-standard telephony bus — ECTF H.100/H.110 CT Bus
  • Supports TrueSpeech* voice coder (a default coder with Microsoft* Windows* supported by Windows Media Player)
  • Increased clarity by selectingbetween 16 ms, 32 ms, and 64 ms echo cancellation tail on select media loads
  • Supports continuous speech processing. Reduces system latency, increases recognition accuracy, and improves overall system response time for high-density speech solutions
  • System size: 1200 ports Service Provider / Large Enterprise, 96/120 ports - 48/60 ports DM/V600BTEP

  • Form factor: PCI and cPCI

  • Resource bus: H100 and H110 CT Bus

  • Signaling:
    • Digital: 
    • ISDN
    • CAS (robbed-bit)
    • CAS (R2MF)
    • CCS
    • NFAS

  • Applications:
    • Messaging and enhanced services
    • Wireless and fixed-line short message service (SMS)
    • Color ringback
    • Voice portal
    • Contact center and e-Business
    • PC-PBX
    • Audio conferencing server
    • Web conferencing
    • Switching and call completion
    • Prepaid/debit card
    • Gateway Switch

  • Models Available:
  • DMV600BTEP
  • DMV600BTEC (cPCI)
  • DMV1200BTEP (4 T1/E1)
  • DMV1200TEC (cPCI)

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*Non-loopback versions (NLK) will not close the loop in the event of loss of power or system reset, or after power-up. This may be useful to ensure that calls are not placed to a system which appears to be ready, although the proper firmware is not loaded or active. However, customers using non-loopback boards should be aware that operating with an open loop may prevent (depending on the network) routine testing of the line which can be periodically conducted by the carrier service provider, and, should such testing occur while the board is not operating, generate unexpected error reports.

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