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Dateline Chat

Dateline Chat - An Exhilarating Experience

Talking Technology's Dateline-Chat application aims to create an exhilarating experience for all participants. Our aim is to create not only an entertaining and classy experience, but one that takes into account a wide variety of life styles. The application is simple to use and easy for a participant to enter and exit. Dateline-Chat has been crafted to give participants a sense of community while simultaneously creating an environment promoting repeated usage. Dateline-Chat is rich in features and easy to navigate.

The Dateline-Chat application's foundation is built on solid technology. TTI uses state of the art fully redundant server technology. At the core of the software is Intel's Computer Telephony Automated Development Environment (CTADE). Highly stable Dialogic-Intel technology enables Dateline-Chat to handle over 200 participants on each server. Size of the application is determined by the needs of the customer. Port density can range from as few as 4 ports to hundreds. Servers can be isolated in phone rooms or co-located with the assurance they will perform without the need of human intervention other than routine maintenance.

Dateline-Chat technology implements numerous remote monitoring functions to promote a very high percentage of on-time. Each conversation and each line can be remotely monitored not only to check on the technology, but to review the experience of ongoing sessions so they can be improved. Registration and account management can be handled over the phone and there are no collections because all services are pre-paid.

Dateline Chat Basics

  • Register and Create Mailbox
    • Customers register and provide basic information. The system automatically generates Personal ID Codes and Passwords.
    • The new customer creates a personal ad and selects the appropriate category for posting.
  • Registered and Unregistered participants select a massage category from a configurable list that they are interested in. (Examples include friendship, fun, relationships)
    • Participants can navigate between different categories and respond to messages they find attractive.
  • When registered customers enter their mailbox, they can check for responses to their messages and respond to them. They can also change their personal ad or listen to ads from people that have posted in the same category
  • Customers can enter a Chat Room for the type of relationship they are attracted to (fun, serious, friends, etc.). This feels safer for many people because they have the opportunity to converse with others in revealing any of their personal data. Participants can get to know one other of like minds before exchanging any data.
  • If a person meets another in the Chat Room and they want to become more familiar with that person, both have the opportunity to enter a private chat room so they can continue their conversation in privacy.

Customizing Dateline Chat Applications

Dateline Chat application are fully customizable. Each implementation is customized to suit the specific needs of our customers.

  • Variable Programs
    • Potential customers can sign up for a variety of programs. For instance, the plan could be variable. (30, 60, 180, 500 minutes for example)
    • Systems can provide personal codes and PINs.
    • Systems can be implemented with a variety of categories depending on how the system is marketed.
    • System can be created with promotional codes, which are hidden for those that don't possess the codes.
    • A variety of features can be activated that enable users to send, forward, delete and save mailbox messages. Administrative options can be added to meet the needs of an application.
    • 900 services or credit card billing

Whatever your needs are in conferenced applications, Talking Technology can design it and implement it for you. Whether your plan includes utilization of a 900 service or credit card services, TTI will create a system to meet your specific needs.

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