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provides VoiceWave ™ Dialer Systems, voice mail and Interactive Voice Response systems for office productivity, church dialers, phone tree dialing, lead generation, emergency notification and political dialing. TTI's products are available in kit form and ready-to-go turnkey packages. Our computer telephony products are full featured and cost effective and quickly pay for themselves. With over half a million ports installed in more than 100 countries our computer telephony systems manage billions of calls each year.

Auto Dialer and VoiceWave / PhoneTree ® Systems

Our Dialogic auto dialer packages produce reliable results for inbound and outbound telemarketing. PowerVoice, our multi-line application generator (auto dialer and voice mail system), integrates our telephony cards with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. PowerVoice incorporates functions for lead generation, member notification, questionnaires and surveys. In addition to PowerVoice's outbound tools, the system also includes inbound voice mail and attendant functions.

BigmOuth (originally developed by Talking Technology, Inc.) functions as a single-port inbound telemarketing tool, capable of making sales, generating leads and dispersing and gathering information. BigmOuth's auto dialer contacts as many as 300 members, plays messages and queries information.

Our PhoneTree 2100 / VoiceWave line is our most popular system for schools, churches and small groups. The PhoneTree 2100 / VoiceWave, expandable to 2 lines, operates via your USB port under Window 98, Me, 2000 XP, Vista and Windows 7. PhoneTree 2500 / Voice Wave Plus adds expandability to 48 lines, an inbound hotline, multilingual capabilities and network client software. The PhoneTree 3500 / VoiceWave Premium adds text-to-speech for individualized, dynamically-constructed messages. The PhoneTree MD and PhoneTree Pro systems send out appointment reminders for doctors, dentists and other professional who must maintain close contact with the patients and clients. The MD and Pro systems help cut down on no-shows and can contact patients and clients when you're not available.

Lead Generation

With auto dialer lead generation systems from Talking Technology it is possible to rapidly contact thousands of members, customers and potential customers on a regular basis. Our systems are used regularly by churches, schools, athletic groups, scouts, doctor's offices, hospitals and medical centers and government agencies. PowerVoice and PhoneTree systems free up employees and volunteers, allowing them to become more productive while our equipment handles repetitive functions.

Talking Technology also provides high quality telemarketing leads to target customers. Our data is sorted by state/province, area code and zip/postal code.

Voice Mail

Talking Technology products also include voice mail functionality. The PowerVoice package includes a professional quality voice mail application and built-in IVR (interactive voice response) scripts. Call flow is easily directed without programming, allowing rapid creation of tailored Voicemail and Call Processing Structures.

Custom Autodialer Scripts

Talking Technology writes custom autodialer scripts. We confer with you to ascertain your needs and come up with a professionally written script that will generate responses.

Computer Telephony

Talking Technology's Dialogic ® computer telephony products interface with standard analog telephone lines, hybrid key systems, private branch exchanges (PBXs), T1 and VOIP lines. We offer competitive prices on:

Dialogic Telephony Cards ®

Dialogic Cards

Our line of analog and digital boards, SCBUS cables, CTBUS cables, MSI Breakout Box, DISIBOBKIT, and MSI power supplies as well as multiple-port Dialogic D/4PCIUF, D/4PCIUFW, D/4PCIUFEW, PV16, and digitally-based (T1) PV24, PV48, and D/480JCT2T1EW, DM/V960A-4T1-PCIW, DM/V1200A4E1PCI cards. These cards all use our proprietary application generators for telephony, voice mail and inbound and outbound telemarketing.

Development Tools

Our Dialogic telephony toolkits offer flexible solutions for programmers, VARs and OEMs. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) applications can be constructed from the ground up. The single-line VoiceWave allows outbound applications to be created in minutes. Our analog and digital Dialogic cards use the PowerVoice Automated Call Center. For low level development we offer Voice Ranger CT ADE.

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